Lying in the province of Bari, Adelfia (from the Greek word adelphos, meaning brotherhood) has a population of about 18.000 inhabitants. The center of the town is a combination of Canneto and Montrone, two old villages that were separated till 1927. Agriculture is the basis of local economy.

The Feast of Saint Triphon


Adelfia celebrates St. Triphon (San Trifone) on 10th November, the day commemorating his violent death in 250 AD. According to the tradition he was proclaimed patron saint of Adelfia in 1691, after protecting the village from a plague epidemic and its fields from an invasion of locusts. This explains why the statue of St. Triphon represents the martyr handling a spear with a locust on it. To celebrate their patron saint, local people gather outside the Mother Church. Here the major hands over the keys of Adelfia to the Archbishop who gives them symbolically to the saint. After this ritual, his statue is carried in procession. The Feast draws to an end with a picturesque firework competition.

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1 July 2015
Apulian Roots | Adelfia
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