Fasano, with a population of about 40,000 inhabitants, lies in the province of Brindisi. Coming down from hills, the town occupies a dominant position in the valley dominated by olive trees and medieval fortified farmhouses, which then leads down to the sea. In the XIV century Fasano became a fiefdom of the Knights of Malta.

The Feast in honor of the Virgin of the Well and the “Scamiciata”


Fasano celebrates the Virgin of the Well on the second or third Friday of June. According to legend, on June 2nd 1678, when the town was besieged by Turkish pirates, the Madonna appeared in the sky, saving the inhabitants from the invaders. The “Scamiciata represents the climax of the Feast. This pageant of around 300 local people dressed in historical costumes depicts scenes from everyday life in the 17th century. It offers also a live dramatization of the decisive battle the population fought against the Turkish enemies. At that time people were dressed in humble clothing: this explains the sense of the word “Scamiciata”, meaning “not wearing the shirt”. A triumphal carriage, representing a gigantic papier-mâché vessel, hoist the labara of Fasano’s patron saints.

Le foto sono fornite per gentile concessione di:
Saponaro Chicco, Rosato Angelo, Fortunato Calderaro


1 July 2015
Apulian Roots | Fasano
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