The morning ritual of breakfast coffee

The morning ritual of breakfast coffee outside the home is one of the habits that Puglia shares with the rest of Italy. The day can not start without the ritual of coffee, alone or in the company of colleagues or friends, in a trusted bar, where the bartender greets you like family. You may sit on a bench or stand – depends on how much time you have. You do not have your coffee just for the sake of drinking, but also for the sake of a chat, before heading off to work, loudly and gesticulating, in the typical southern way. There is a real variant of the Apulia croissant, the brioche accompanying coffee or cappuccino. But there is a great variety of sweet substitutes proposed by bars and bakeries. Among these, one is referred to as ‘nuns breasts.’ They are sweet made of sponge cake and custard, dusted with powdered sugar. Legend has it that they were invented in a convent, by nuns belonging to the order of the Poor Clares. Their shape resembles a breast: that’s why they have taken their name to be a little ‘mischievous’. Another sweet very popular, especially in the Salento region, is the pasticciotto, a shell of pastry filled with custard and baked in the oven, to be eaten hot. Then there are the classic milk biscuits, brittle and porous, and therefore ideal for dipping, which continue to be prepared in bakeries following an ancient recipe made with flour, sugar, extra virgin olive oil and ammonia.


1 June 2015
Apulian Roots | The morning ritual of breakfast coffee
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