The meat on the stove

Another tradition distinctly Puglia is the meat on the stove. There are many Puglia specialties that lend themselves to this type of cooking. On the occasion of festivals or festivities, the stove is moved outdoors, flooding the air with their fragrant smell of roast. A lot of families in Puglia own a mobile version and smaller stove. The menu on Sundays or holidays provides almost always as a main dish grilled meat. The cooking is done outdoors, on a balcony or on the terraces, but also on the road in the case where the dwelling is at the ground floor.

Horse guts

Among the specialties baked and sold on the street, one can find pieces of horse guts, roasted and sprinkled with salt. Even the cooking of this food is prepared according to a ritual: the meat is turned often to avoid being carbonized, and the fire is constantly fed by the waving of a pallet


1 June 2015
Apulian Roots | The meat on the stove
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