Scorrano is a small town lying in the province of Lecce, in the heart of Salento (the south-eastern extremity of the Apulia region), with a population of around 7,200 inhabitants. The village stands out for its churches. Among them there is the beautiful 16th-century Mother Church dedicated to St Domenica.

The Feast of Saint Domenica and the “Parazioni”


The feast in honor of St. Domenica, the patron saint of Scorrano, is held from the 5th to the 7th of July, also called “the days of light”. Domenica was a Christian girl who suffered martyrdom under the emperor Diocletian (3rd century AD.) She became the patroness of the town as she saved the inhabitants from the plague. The most impressive aspect of the celebrations is represented by the “parazioni”. These spectacular illuminations, up to 36m high and dotted with a kaleidoscope of colorful lights, are erected along the main streets and decorate also the facades of churches and palaces. They are switched on simultaneously on the 5th of July. On the last day of the Feast local fireworks companies compete amongst each other, putting on a picturesque show.

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Salvatore Marcucci


1 July 2015
Apulian Roots | Scorrano
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